Vijay Institute of Management

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Ms. V. REVATHI V (2015-17)



 I learnt a lot beyond the subject. Vijay Institute of Management educated business and nurtured skills to meet the demands in the job market. Professors quenched my educational thirsty. I feel that my view over the business has been broadened.


My heartfelt thanks to Vijay Institute of Management


Mr. D . KARTHI KUMAR  (2015-17)



Studying here is worthiness to the money value. Business Students are encouraged to do different things to create different business environment. Innovations are infused here. Different atmosphere, Different people, Different thoughts are good fortunes of VIM. I realized real business world here. Industrial Visit taught me many lessons about the business. Business is a mantra of VIM.

Mr. A. ARUN PANDIYAN (2015-17)


This college gifted me well-experienced professor, business knowledge, conferred business degree at low cost. I love the method of teaching here. Professors at Vijay Institute of Management are still guiding us to go on the road of career. This college is a vital source of business ideas.

Mr. M VINOTH KUMAR  (2015-17)


It is a pool of knowledge sharing community. Each and every second, I was taught about business. Library updated our knowledge and led us to search new things in the business world. This college gave me financial support in the name of scholarship. I came here as clay, professors at VIM molded me as a useful product. I gained practical exposure here. Well-designed class rooms, frequent Industrial visits, brainstorming session are really fantastic and unparalleled one.

Mr. S. P. KATHIRAVAN  (2015-17)


Hi visitor,

I understood the value of time here. I was taught about conversion of a second into money. I was clay before joining in Vijay Institute. Now they molded me as a worthy product. During my college period, we were taken to many companies for observation. Professors in VIM not only taught us, they trained us too. Now, I started to earn money during project period.

I really thank my professors in Vijay Institute.


Mr. P. SARAVANAKUMAR  (2015-17)


Fantastic group of faculty members, unrestricted knowledge sharing process, Individual caring, effective methods of teaching, good placements, amenities are worthiness to the money value. I am proud to be a product of VIM.



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